4. In anger be like the dead

4. In anger be like the dead: Peace be upon you, here is another great advice from Rumi, “in anger be like the dead”. Why is the first question that comes to my mind, and there are couple of answers, one is when we are dead, no more cares or emotions, two is that there is nothing we can do anymore about the worldly affairs even if we did care. Time of testing is finished, we are not in this realm anymore. So how does this relate to being angry? Well, when we are angry, instead of having great emotions because somebody took our parking spot, we should be saying, in the greater scheme of things, this is nothing, I am moving on. Anger should not touch us, we should be like the dead when in anger, do nothing and say nothing in anger (quite difficult to do). We should not see ourselves all powerful in our anger, but in truth, powerless and turn to Allah and pray for patience (Ya sabur) and calmness (Ya salam). So lets say Ya sabur and Ya salam at least 33 times next time when we get angry. This will help us to turn to Allah and ask for help and stay with Allah, rather than stray towards our own nafs (ego).