Think about how many levels Allah is living His life. How many dimensions, how many levels, how many ways, how many manners! Do more thinking about these things. Start with the ones that are very apparent.

Everyone has life, so think about life first. That’s the main thing, how does He live? Manifest life the way Allah lives. Think about consciousness. Is all life conscious or do you first find consciousness in a brain? What is happening? Think about the dimensions. How many dimensions are there? How many ways are there? I am trying to encourage you get used to thinking in this way.

Very rarely does Allah make me repeat the same thing. He has been making me talk for 10 years or more now. It’s the same subject, but there are so many angles you can look at the same thing from. For example, take a sphere: how many circles can you put around a sphere? There are 360 degrees one way, 360 degrees every other way. There are so many different angles to look at it from. That’s why you can sit here and talk about the same subject until you die and not say the same words. What does Allah say in the Quran? “If the oceans were ink and all the forests were pens, Allah’s words would not be finished.” He counted his blessings and He could not count them all.


When you’re a shaykh, it means
that you are on Allah’s side. In other
words, Sufi sm means you’re on
Allah’s side. When I [the shaykh]
see something wrong with you, it’s
my job to point this out to you. The
context in which I point this out to
you may be different. Sometimes
it’s urgent; sometimes not. Now
don’t get mad at me, when I point
this out to you, especially in a case
where there is a confl ict between
two parties, for example, mother and
daughter, mother and daughter-inlaw,
son and father, father and son,
two brothers, neighbors. It is not our
job as a shaykh to solve the problem.
We do not interfere in relationships
and business. Our interest in the
matter is to see what is wrong with
the students that we are dealing with
and to correct them so they can go
forward towards Allah.
I don’t take sides and you
shouldn’t either. On the other hand,
they say, “You are right, Shaykh.”
Eywallah. But I am not after being
right either. As the position of the
shaykh, Allah is right. What am I
after? I am after the Truth, I am after
Allah. What Allah says is what I try
to do. In Sufi sm, we say you should
not see the right in you.