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THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS OF LOOKING AT THE SAME THING ! Think about how many levels Allah is living His life. How many dimensions, how many levels, how many ways, how many manners! Do more thinking about these things. Start … Continue reading

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When you’re a shaykh, it means that you are on Allah’s side. In other words, Sufi sm means you’re on Allah’s side. When I [the shaykh] see something wrong with you, it’s my job to point this out to you. … Continue reading

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Ramadan 2012 Message ! Focus on Allah only !

Assalamun Aleykum and Ramadan Mubarek! I’d like to tell you something. Dear Murids, Muhibs and Friends, in the course of sufism sometimes some people do not want to face their nafs. In these instances, we have a saying for these … Continue reading

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