Ramadan 2012 Message ! Focus on Allah only !

Assalamun Aleykum and Ramadan Mubarek!
I’d like to tell you something. Dear Murids, Muhibs and Friends, in the course of sufism sometimes some people do not want to face their nafs. In these instances, we have a saying for these people, “if you can not change your nafs, change your Shaykh”, and the second step of this process is to discredit your shaykh so that you can live with yourself. Right now, this is happening. Some people who did not want to face their nafs are attacking me and our tariqa and this is bothering some of my students. I will tell you a story. One day, somebody came to Hz. Ali (r.a.) and said, “so and so person wants to hurt you”. And Hz. Ali (r.a) thought for a second and said, “I don’t think so”. The man asked why. And Hz. Ali (r.a.) said, “I never had the chance to help him”. Our prophet (peace be upon him) was also attacked all his life, because shaythan was trying to stop him and shaytan was using these people as tools. Whoever are doing these things are tools of shaytan. May Allah protect us all from being one. And on the other hand, I would like to remind everybody that, Allah says in Quran, ” there is no fear or grief for awliyaullah, whoever attacks them, opens war on them, they will be opening war on me”. So, Allah is our defender, I have no intention of spending any of my focus on these people or negativity and I recommend you do the same. Lets all keep our focus on Allah and Allah only. May Allah guide us all to the true path.

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