We Have Two Enemies

One: We have a formidable enemy:
Shaytan. He never gives up! So
what must you do? You mustn’t
give up either.

Two: your nafs [selfish ego].

We can see neither Shaytan nor
our nafs. We are supposed to get to
know Allah and love Allah whom
we don’t see either. We have an
unseen Beloved, an unseen enemy
and then we have to do our work
with an unseen logic. Do you
understand our situation? Why is
it so? You don’t know the answer?
It’s okay. It may be a rhetorical
question. I want you to think for a


Because it’s a spiritual situation,
we have to see it in our hearts. The
situation tests the sincerity of our
belief. We are on a mission to know
Allah and to love Allah whom we
don’t see. Do you agree with this?
Lesson number one: Mistake, you
shouldn’t agree with this. Then
there are two enemies. Shaytan. Do
you see Shaytan? Do you see your
nafs? Okay, you say no at first. Why?
Because we are defining “seeing”
with these eyes. But the truth of the
matter is you don’t only see with
your eyes. You can see with all your
senses. Radar doesn’t have an eye
but it can see. The bat doesn’t have
an eye but it can see. Now, we know
that air exists because we inhale it.
We don’t see the air but we know
it exists. We see it with our senses.
We know it with our senses. Then
so is Allah. Allah is the Light we see