Lailat-ul-Qadr – Ramadan 2013 !

Dear Murids and Muhibs:
Night of Power is at sundown on August 2 through August 3 and at sundown on August 3 through August 4. Ramadan 26 and 27 (August 3 and 4).
The Islamic holidays start at SUNDOWN. So Ramadan 26 starts at sundown on the 25th. Ramadan 27 starts at sundown on the 26th.
Lailat-ul-Qadr: Ramadan 26 & 27, 1434 / August 3 & 4, 2013— Night of Power, This Night is said to be better than a thousand months. Prayers offered with sincerity will have unlimited rewards.
Message from Shaykh Taner:
Do each line of the following zikrs at least 101 times for the Nights of Power, with the intention of helping all of creation, humanity, the earth, sea, and air.
Ya Hadi, Ya Haqq, Ya Latif
Ya Alim, Ya Hakim
Ya Mu’min, Ya Rashid, Ya Nafi (Good)
Ya Muhaymin, Ya Hafiz
Ya Muqtadir, Ya Qadir
Ya Qawi, Ya Matin, Ya Shaafi
Ya Fattah, Ya Razzaq
Ya Mugni, Ya Ghani
Ya Karim, Ya Wahhab
Ya Wadud, Ya Salam, Ya Jami
Ya Sabur, Ya Salam
Ya Halim, Ya Latif
Ya Shakur, Ya Mujib
Ya Wali, Ya Wakil, Ya Nasir
Ya Nur, Ya Nur, Ya Nur
Salams and love

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