Allah created this entire universe, for love. He wanted to be seen, He wanted to be admired, and He wanted to be loved without force, without compulsion. Allah says in Quran-i-Kerim that there is no compulsion in religion. We cannot compel these things. If He wanted, everybody would believe, but He wants these things to be done voluntarily, on our own. We have to come to the recognition of this and admire God and love God and profess this.

After that comes the neighborhood. Are you a good neighbor to your neighbors? Do you check them to see if they have food? Are they suffering? Do they need your help? Of course, in the United States it is a little difficult to do this. At least make sure they are not complaining about you. If they are not complaining about you, then you are a good neighbor. You are doing ok.

After you are good to your neighbors and you don’t abuse their rights,then your duty is to your town, then to your nation, then to the whole world and to the human race.


  1. Asalam alaykum Shaykh Taner and fellow murids. This lesson is Haqq(truth), an eye opener. Love is everywhere yet people are looking for it. Following what we are taught here, will make our lives so pleasant inshaLLAH! Ya Wadud Ya Salaam Ya Jami’


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