Allah says, “Don’t pay attention to those people to whom I have given the world. Their rewards are temporary because nothing in this world is lasting.” So, if you ask why it is that the believers are not receiving wealth, power, and other things of this world, it is because Allah is not concerned with giving his believers all of the money and such things. He will distribute his money and things to whomever he wants but it will not automatically go to the believers.

Allah provides for the believers in two major ways. One is that Allah wants to give you more enduring gifts that are impossible to have in this world because this is a temporary reality and the blessings are for the hereafter, which lasts forever. Allah gives you a connection to Him, which lasts forever.

Secondly, Allah gives believers what is best for them and for a purpose.
It could be money, wisdom, knowledge or something else, but you have to use the power that Allah gives you to fulfill the purpose that he has intended.

When Allah gives you a gift, you become responsible for the gift.
Everything that Allah gives us is a trust, because we own nothing. Allah owns the knowledge, Allah owns the job, Allah owns the kids, the husband, the wife—Allah owns everything. We are just trustees who use whatever Allah provides in order to fulfill Allah’s purpose. He is not obligated to give us anything at all. You must be careful to make sure that having things or not having things do not become a distraction. This should not take us away from the target.


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