Whats happening in the World !

Dear All, it is impossible to be quiet after seeing whats happening in the World, especially with those so called muslims, the root of the problem is ignorance. The whole problem comes from not knowing Allah and what He likes and what He doesn’t like. Although He wrote what He wants, in several holy books and told us through the messages of hundred twenty- four thousand messengers. How can you even think of killing the children is pleasing to Allah. How can you think that violence represents the peace(which islam stands for)? Most of the Muslims read Quran in Arabic but do not understand. Allah says in Qurani Kerim, “I do not abuse my creation. He says, Oh Muhammed (peace be upon him), if they make peace, make peace.” if you want to represent Islam, then you have to be an element of peace, love, togetherness, kindness, mercy and knowledge. Ignorant will not be in the paradise.

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