Your existence has always been and will always be, because Allah exists all the time and He will always exist. How can you exist without His existence? So what is Allah doing? Look at electricity. It can be light or it can go into running a refrigerator. What determines what it will become? The form it is subjected to determines this. Allah is energy. When energy is subjected to one type of machine it becomes Light, when subjected to another machine it becomes radio. Did electricity exist before or not? Is it going to exist later? Energy will always exist.

In the Olympics there is a torch. They light it and run and then they light another light. Is it the same light, the same fire? Yes. Your body, every cell in your body, has lived or been carried from the beginning of time or before. Adam and Eve, everything they did and from then on is imprinted, so your cells are conscious of the past. What is not conscious of the past is your brain, or at least it thinks it is not. Now the question is, is it or is it not? Did your brain exist before? If it did exist, you do not remember. But still your body remembers. Your soul remembers. Your consciousness of today – your thinking now – does not remember because it did not exist before. Think about it. Why am I saying this? So what happened before?

Your Ruh remembers everything. The brain that stands for you now does not remember because it did not exist like this before. It will exist like this afterwards. Every cell in your body existed before, or at least its imprint. This is like going to Turkey and seeing that they are still driving ‘56 Chevys. They get the car repaired so many times that everything is changed, but the image is still there.
The chemical makeup of cells, every atom, was created at the beginning. So actually, everything you have is billions of years old.

When we say the Prophet (pbuh) is the beginning of the creation, we cannot comprehend it. [Publisher’s note regarding the same subject: a reference to Allah in the Qur’an (6:103) No vision can comprehend, attain or overtake Him, but He comprehends and overtakes all vision. He is Al Latif [The Subtle One], Al Khabir [The All-Aware One].] But this is not a concept; it is a Reality, in other words, it is the Truth (Haqq). Wake up. How does Allah make a tree? Allah is Hayy (Living). He can start life, well not start it, it is already there. Say the first Big Bang is the beginning; that is where you get Muhammad’s Nur (Light of Muhammad).

Chevys 56

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