Divorce your nafs

What we teach is how to object your nafs, your ego, so you can see what the system is. I mean, you cannot feel and see the system but your emotions, your nafs, your ego is blocking you. It is dominating you. As long as your nafs is dominating you, as long as you are a slave to your nafs, then you are not free. When you are not free, you cannot see, or do, what the universe is asking from you. So you have to divorce your nafs, your ego. Layer by layer. Divide and conquer. You have to divide into seven pieces, and then take them one by one. That is how you do it. If you open a total war, you lose it because at this time, your nafs is stronger because you think that is you. When you come to the realization that hey, that is not you, that is the animal in you. That is your horse. Then you will win.

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