How should we pray when traveling

Recommended Prayers 

Protection Prayers

To be recited every morning:

1. Sura Al Ikhlas (3 times)

2. Sura Al Falak (1 time)

3. Sura Al Naas (1 time)

4. Fatiha ( Salawat + Sura Al Fatiha )

Fatiha and Protection Prayers

Traveling Prayers

To be recited before starting a journey:

1. Protection prayers (as above)

2. Think of the whole bus / plane / vehicle:
Ya Muqtadir Ya Qadir Ya Salaam (3 times)

3. Think of the machine of the vehicle:
Ya Qawi Ya Matin Ya Salaam (3 times)

4. Think of everything, the vehicle, you and all the passengers:
Ya Muhaymin Ya Hafiz Ya Salaam (3 times)

Thank Allah at the end of the journey.

Love, Peace and Togetherness for Goodness
Ya Wadud Ya Salaam Ya Jami Ya Nafi



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