What Are You?

Insha Allah, I am going to talk about something important that all of us have to do. My job is to show you an understanding of it; it is you who is going to do it. All our life, our fight is for this land. What is this land? This body here. Who is going to be in this body? That is your call. Do you want Allah or you to be in this body? This is the fight – you, your nafs and Allah, which one? And which one is you?

First of all, you need to determine what is you? To come to that point you need a lot of education, training, agony, and letting go of the nafs and attachments. What is nafs? Nafs is all attachments and focuses on other than Allah. When you identify with your nafs and say it is you, then you have problems. But when you identify with your Creator, there is no problem except letting go of the nafs.

1 thought on “What Are You?

  1. Sheikh Taner. A S’alaam Alikum to you. Thank you for these posts.  Is it wrong of me to feel literally that I can go to Mosque, Synagogue or Church and the Tavern?  It’s my mind that defeats over and over again. God bless you!


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