Peace brings loveLove in the world is incomplete because we only teach people to love others who are like themselves. We do not teach ourselves and our children to love people who are different from us. But Allah says that we are one community, that He divided us so that we can learn from each other and know Him through each other.

If we were all the same, why would Allah make two of us? – One alone would be enough on earth. Allah made us with differences because He lives in each of us differently so that we can learn different aspects of Allah from each other. We can also recognize each other because of our differences. If we were all the same, we would not notice anything about each other and we would just give each other numbers instead of names.

I am glad that we have differences. To dislike differences is acting in ignorance. If we did not have differences in shades and lines and colors, artists could not create pictures. Having differences does not mean that a certain group is the enemy. Only we create enemies. If we want, we can also create friends but this needs to be done all together with the understanding that we can create friends from people who are different than us.


  1. Immagina:
    un campo con i fiori tutti dello stesso colore, una musica con un suono solo, una stagione senza variazioni.
    Solo il Paradiso ha queste caratteristiche …. Dio ha creato l’Universo per poterlo conoscere e conoscerLo vuol dire Vedere tutte queste cose come Sua creazione.
    Noi siamo parte di questa Sua creazione e solo attraverso la “visione” di queste differenze possiamo comprendere la Sua Potenza e il suo Amore.
    Nella Molteciplità si comprende la Forza dell’Unità Divina.
    Gli esseri umani sono gli unici che hanno questo “potere” di percezione … ma spesso non lo usano..
    Mohammad Mahdi Italy


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