Ya Salaam: Peace, Salvation

Allah created us to know Him through knowing his kingdom. When we do actions it triggers some of the powers of Allah in the universe. Without understanding this, we cannot know what we are getting in to and what kind of Allah’s powers we are attracting. Allah has three kinds of power— jamal (His attributes of Beauty), jalal (His attributes of Power), and the neutral power of justice and Allah gives us what we want. If we want peace, Allah will give us peace. But why don’t we want peace? We do not want peace because it is not as exciting as not having peace. It is more exciting to get a gun and blow someone into pieces. This is more exciting than a family sitting at the dinner table eating their food peacefully.

We have to understand that we need peace because peace has life in it. There is no life in war—there is only death in war. If you want to live, and you want children to live happily, we need peace. There is also happiness, joy, pleasure, economic freedom and economic prosperity in peace. And best of all there is love in peace. If you want these qualities then we have to provide peace not only for ourselves but for future generations. In this way, the future generations can also grow up to know Allah and learn Allah’s attributes through research in the labs, through observation and through reading so that they can develop some kind of relationship with Allah which will bring them true happiness and love. People who have lived through war wish they never lived this, but I do not hear anybody complaining about peace. People who live peace never say, “I wish I never had peace.” So peace is what we should want at all times.

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