Why Are We Here?

We are always in confusion because of misconceptions, miscommunications and misvisualizations. All these things make up a life for ourselves which is not true. How do you wake up from this confusion? We are here to learn Allah. The purpose of creation is to be a school for learning Allah, and the classroom is our body, where we are going to learn. These actions are going to take place in the body. Are you going to fail? Yes. I guarantee that you are going to fail many times. But when you fail it means that you will try again until you pass. When you fail, you say, “This was not good; now I know.” This brings you to the determination not to do what is incomplete and unacceptable, but to do what is positive. The failing turns to a positive direction, and you have to keep on. Then you come to the decision that you have to have communication with the Creator so you will learn.

The whole thing is set up for this communication. The perceptions in your body are set up for this communication. We are, in fact, doing nothing else but learning Allah, consciously or not. First we learn nafs. When we go after nafs, which is opposite of Allah, does it make us happy? Maybe for a moment.

Allah wants to be known by free will, not by force. Allah wants to have a loving relationship with us. Allah wants to share His Knowledge with us. Allah wants to share His Existence with us. That is why we are here.

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