How to Achieve Peace and Justice on Earth

Now, that is the main point: the human race. If we want peace and justice on earth, first of all we have to identify ourselves not as nations. We have to identify ourselves as members of the human race. When everybody can do this, then unity can happen.

When we do not see each other as members of the human race and we look at the narrow picture, then there cannot be any peace. In that case there will always be discrimination and there will always be abuse. Especially if you have not fought against your nafs [ego] and cut your attachments to your nafs, how can you be just? How can you be objective?

So we should not be attached to anything. We should have a free mind. Wherever we see the truth, we should pick it up, no matter who is saying it. We cannot just dismiss somebody because he is an unbeliever or from another political party or from another country. If he is saying the truth, the truth is yours. Pick it up.

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