We Need to Be Full-Time Devotees of Allah

By education, by knowledge, by focusing , by purification. This is why Allah prescribed the fasting for everybody so that you can practice how to resist your biggest motives, the biggest urges that make you do things, like hunger, sex, thirst. If you can say no to these by will, then Satan cannot get you. But if you give in, of course, then you are weak and Satan will get you and you will fail the course. Either you are going to repeat it or you are going to be dismissed from the school.

Seeing Allah in Everything, what must we do? We must keep working. We must be organized. We learn to see Allah. Remember the nature walks. You will know how to see Allah in things, how to feel Allah, and how to talk to Allah. What else do you want? Now you have to apply this to everyday life. When you look at things, especially human beings, there are two things that you see: nafs [ego] and Allah. You see a virtual reality in a body, the shape, but everything except the shape, everything in it, is all Allah and of Allah. It is all Allah’s substance. The action comes from two points: from nafs or from the heart [from Allah]. When there is love and softness, it is from Allah. When there is vanity, selfishness, greed, lust and so on, it is from the nafs. Can you not differentiate between these?

3 thoughts on “We Need to Be Full-Time Devotees of Allah

  1. Thank you Shaykh for the guidance. We love the method that Shaykh uses to convey Allah’s message. It’s short, precise and easy to understand. We pray that Allah help us, guides us to the truth with ease and help us to act with the truth always. Ameen.

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