Inner Quietness


Part 2 of 2: Inner Quietness

If you want to be with Allah, you need to have inner quietness. When you are with Allah, knowing that Allah is there all the time, then the outcome of any given situation becomes unimportant. Allah is good, and if you are a part of His domain, you will do good. When Allah wants to use you as His deputy in order to accomplish something in the world, Allah will use you as long as you are in a state of surrender. Your brain, your thinking mechanism, is not what Allah needs. When you silence your thoughts, the command power of Allah decides which part is going to do what. But if the command part of Allah is not with you, you are not capable of being used as Allah’s deputy. Your actions in that state may have no moral merit. When you are surrendered to Allah, there is no merit one way or the other because in that moment you cease to exist. You are nothing.

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