Allah has a consciousness. He created a form that can have the same consciousness so that they can know each other. Hence, He created us. Now Allah wants to communicate with us. He is giving you your consciousness from His consciousness. What is He showing us? He is showing us what He can do and what He is. He is showing us His qualities.

Why did Allah create us?

This is the most important thing in everyone’s life, the purpose. You have to know the purpose and not forget the purpose. Focus and purpose are parallel, maybe the same thing. You do not forget your purpose. In order not to forget it, you need to focus. It is very simple.

From the beginning, Mercy (Rahman) was there. “My mercy surpasses My wrath.” What does it mean? Mercy alone does not represent Allah, since Allah is not limited to mercy. He is more than that. So He calls it Muhammad. He likes His mercy more than His wrath. He is powerful and at the same time, He is kind. He likes His kindness and wants to be more kind than wrathful. That is why He gives us so many chances to behave, to learn more, to find the purpose and go toward the purpose.

We have not sent you except as a mercy for the creation.

(Qur’an 21:107, translation by the author)

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