“For each (of the people of the Book) We have appointed a divine law and showed a way of life and action.”

(Qur’an 5:48, translation by the author)

To protect and focus on the purpose and to separate the direction of the purpose from other directions, Allah has created the criterion of right and wrong. Allah has all these Attributes. There is a purpose and there is a road for the purpose. These criteria are the milestones to the purpose. That is why they are very important. You can call it Sharia. Laws and regulations of the universe about anything is Sharia to me.

Sharia is very important. It is a must. Everything must fit in this, otherwise it will not work. But in the Islamic world also, if you give too much attention to Sharia, you get stuck there. The purpose is to go to Allah. Sharia is the road, the direction. So what is Sharia? It is the scientific laws of the universe and the scientific laws of health and of social and psychological life. All these are Sharia.

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