Our Role in the World as Human Beings and as Sufis

Allah gave to earth a Prophet as a leader from His Peace, Love, Compassion and Positivity. Prophets, actually. [All Prophets are made from the same light.] Allah called him Muhammad, which means “the praised one.” Allah likes love more than violence, which is the other side. He also has Qahhar and Jabbar. But He is not violent. That is His Jalal, Power. Everything is just. That is why it is important that we also align ourselves, balance ourselves, with justice, to be in the middle of our actions.
How can we attain this? We can attain this by connecting and intending to connect and download Allah’s decrees into our lives. This is what human beings are. We have to represent humanity. And to do so, to make an example to the other groups of people both here and in space, Allah made a school, which we call Sufism, where your main job is to purify yourselves from your nafs, i.e., your alter ego, evil thoughts, evil wishes, wishes without considering Allah, so we can focus on Allah, be on His team, be on His staff, and align ourselves to Allah, and continue our lives with this alignment, this cooperation, this give and take. Allah can use you for the purpose of increasing your understanding of Allah better, and this will produce love.
That is why good adab, good manners, are important. And that is why it is especially important for zikr to be done with intention and connection. You have to do it right. It is
important to do it with intention and connection to distribute love and to distribute positivity, so that we will not only have a positive world, but a positive universe.

Excerpt of Call of the Divine May 2, 2018
©2018 Ansari Publications



Special Rabi ul Awwal Series (Part 4 of 4)


Allah’s zat [essence] is in your heart. So how come you are all looking for Allah somewhere else? In the sky, etc. I want everybody to have a relationship with Allah within themselves. Work on this. Make rabita [purposeful spiritual connection] to your heart everyday. Make half an hour. Yes, I mean rabita. I am calling this rabita. You have to make rabita to your heart at least 15 minutes to half an hour a day.

When you practice seeing Allah in everything, you have to connect all that through your heart. So this is connected to your heart or this is happening through Allah Who is in your heart. There is the connection there. Invisible connection. You have to make that connection to heart. For example you see the beauty of the nightingale, you connect this beauty to your heart. You say, “This is Allah’s beauty,” connect, make a connection, make a line from your heart to the nightingale’s beauty.