Mothers’ Day

Sunday May 12, 2019

Mothers’ Day is celebrated the second Sunday in May.

On this day we celebrate all our mothers, wives of our prophets, mothers of the Pirs [spiritual ancestors], and all the important ladies in Islam. We have to give what is due to them. We mention them in our celebration name by name, person by person, then do a Fatiha.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers past and present in the persons of
Hazrate Amina (radiallahu anhu): mother of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
Hz. Khatija (r.a): wife of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh
Hazrate Maryam [Mary] (r.a.): mother of Prophet Isa [Jesus], peace be upon him
Hazrate Fatima (r.a.): daughter of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh
and most of all 
Hazrate Hawa [Eve] (r.a.): the beginning of all the human beings. 

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the lovely ladies who are our mothers whether physically or spiritually! May Allah bless their lives in every way insha Allah! 

Mothers are mercy of Allah upon us , so we must respect them as they deserve.


Love, Peace and Togetherness in Goodness
Ya Wadud Ya Salaam Ya Jami Ya Nafi