Jumada ul Awwal 1440 Week 3

Qur’an, Sura Al Baqara, Chapter 2

256. There is no compulsion in din. Surely the sensible (correct; mature; righteous) path is distinct from the insensible (incorrect; immature; sinful) path. So whoever disbelieves in taghut [false objects of worship] and believes in Allah has indeed held the firmest grip that will never break. Allah is Sami and Alim.

151. Just as We have (now) sent a Messenger among you, who is one of you, who recites our ayats and develops you by teaching you good manners, and teaches you the Kitab and wisdom, and teaches you what you do not know.

152. So do zikr of Me and I will do zikr of you and thank Me and do not be ungrateful to Me.

153. O you who believe, seek help in perseverance and salat/connection. Indeed Allah is with those who persevere.

154. And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah, “They are dead.” On the contrary, they are alive, but you perceive not.

Names of Allah

Al Alim: The All-Knowing One

Al Haqq: The Truth; The Just One; The True One; The Reality

Al Nur: The Light

Al Rahim: The Source of Mercy

Al Rahman: The One Who Acts with Mercy; The Beneficent

Al Sami: The Hearer; The Listener



ayat: revelation; verse

din: way of doing righteous deeds; way of life; right path of connectedness with Allah; way of relationship with God

Kitab: Book; Scripture; established and applied knowledge; laws and regulations; record

sabr: patience; steadfastness; perseverance

salat: formal Islamic worship that is observed five times daily; connection; a system of connection and devotion to Allah

taghut: false objects of worship; idols; seducers

tasbih: glorification through repeating the names of Allah

zikr: mentioning Allah’s name repeatedly with certain intention and contemplation; glorification or supplication; reminder

Translation by Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari

Love, Peace and Togetherness in Goodness

Ya Wadud Ya Salaam Ya Jami Ya Nafi