Ramadan 1440 Week 3

In the name of Allah, The One Who Acts with Mercy, The Source of Mercy

Qur’an, Sura Al Qadr [The Power], Chapter 97

1. Surely We sent (The Qur’an) down on the Laylatul Qadr [Night of Power].

2. We wish to bring you to the realization of what the Laylatul Qadr is.

3. The Laylatul Qadr is better than a thousand months.

4. On it, the angels and the Ruh [Holy Spirit; Jibril (Archangel Gabriel)] descend by the permission of their Rab [Lord] in regard to every matter (and request).

5. Peace it is, until the rising of the fajr [dawn].

Transliteration of Suratul Qadr:

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Inna anzalna hu fi laylatil qadr
Wa ma adraka ma laylatul qadr
Laylatul qadri khayrun min alfi shahr
Tanazzalul malaa-ikatu war-Ruhu fiha bi-izni Rabbihim min kulli amr:
Salaamun hiya hatta matla’il fajr.

It is recommended to learn this sura.

Arabic Text:

Qur’an, Sura Al Qamar, Chapter 54

32. And surely We have made the Qur’an easy to remember. But is there anyone who remembers and takes heed?

Qur’an, Sura Al Dukhan, Chapter 44

1. Ha Mim [Arabic letters].

2. By the Kitab [Book] that makes everything clear,

3. Surely, We have revealed it on a blessed night. We are very keen to warn.

4. On that night, every wise decree is made clear

5. As a decree from Our presence. Surely, We are continuously sending

6. Mercy and kindness (e.g.,affirmation, knowledge) from your Rab [Lord]. Truly, He is Al Sami [The Hearer], Al Alim [The All-Knowing One],

7. Rab of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, if you are to be truly certain.

Names of Allah

Al Alim – The All-Knowing One

Al Muqtadir – The Source of All Power

Al Qadir – The One Who Is Able to Do All Things; The Doer of All Things

Al Rab – The Lord; The Master

Al Rahim – The Source of Mercy

Al Rahman – The One Who Acts with Mercy

Al Sami – The Hearer; The Listener


Kitab: Book; Scripture; established and applied knowledge; laws and regulations; record

Kitabin Mubin, Kitabi al Mubin: Clear Book (of references); Book that Makes Everything Clear; established knowledge; scientific fact

Laylatul Qadr: Night of Power

qadr: laws and regulations; formula; measure; the law of probability; power

rahma: mercy and kindness; grace

ruh: soul; spirit; life energy

Ruhul Amin: Trusted Spirit

Ruhul Quds: Holy Spirit

tasbih: glorification; chanting in glorification; repeating the names of Allah with the help of prayer beads; prayer beads; rosary; continuous glorification through repetition of Allah’s names

zikr: remembrance; mentioning Allah’s name repeatedly with certain intention and contemplation; glorification or supplication; reminder

Translation by Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari

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