Safar 1440 Week 4


Jumu’ah is a day of love and thankfulness, shukr. Every Jumu’ah we need to be positive, distribute love, and give thanks to Our Creator for all His Blessings.”

Verses from the Qur’ani Karim

Qur’an, Sura Al Fatiha, Chapter 1

1. In the name of Allah, Al Rahman [The One Who Acts with Mercy], Al Rahim [The Source of Mercy].

2. Alhamdulillah [All gratitude and praise belong to Allah], the Lord of the worlds.

3. Al Rahman, Al Rahim.

Qur’an, Sura Al Nur, Chapter 24

35. Allah is the Nur of the heavens and the earth. …

36. (This Nur is found) in the houses which Allah has given permission for exaltation and doing the zikr of His name through tasbih of Him, morning and evening.

Qur’an, Sura Al A’raf, Chapter 7

180. All beautiful names belong to Allah. So call upon Him by them, and leave (the company of) those who blaspheme His names. They will be requited for what they used to do.

Qur’an, Sura Al An’am, Chapter 6

102. That is how Allah is, your Rab; there is no other ilah besides Him. He is the Creator of all things. So connect and devote yourself to Him. He is to Whom all our affairs are entrusted.

103. No vision can comprehend, attain or overtake Him, but He comprehends and overtakes all vision. He is Al Latif [The Subtle One], Al Khabir.

Qur’an, Sura Al Nisa, Chapter 4

82. Do they never contemplate the Qur’an? If it were from anyone other than Allah, they would have found in it many incongruities.

Name of Allah

Al Khabir: The All-Aware One

Al Khaliq: The Creator

Al Latif: The Subtle and Kind One

Al Nur: The Light

Al Rahim: The Source of Mercy

Al Rahman: The One Who Acts with Mercy; The Beneficent

Al Wakil: The Trustee; The Representative; The Guardian


‘alamin: worlds; realms; creation

Alhamdulillah: All gratitude and praise belong to Allah

Asma-ul Husna: The Beautiful Names (of Allah)

ibada: act of devotion

ilah: god; higher power

Qur’an: Lecture; Recitation

Rab: Lord; Master

Rabbil ‘alamin: Sustainer, Cherisher, Lord of the worlds; Lord of all creation

samawat: heavens

tasbih: glorification; repeating the names of Allah

zikr: remembrance; reminder; the practice of repeating the names of Allah; litany of remembrance

Translation by Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari

Love, Peace and Togetherness in Goodness

Ya Wadud Ya Salaam Ya Jami Ya Nafi