Shaban 1440 Week 1

Qur’an, Sura Al Hashr, Chapter 59, The Mustering

18. O you who believe, have taqwa towards Allah, and let every person pay attention to what they send ahead for their future. And have taqwa towards Allah. Truly, Allah is aware of whatever you do.

19. And do not be like those who forgot Allah. The consequence of this is that they forgot themselves. Such are the persistently disobedient ones.

20. The people of the Fire and the people of Janna [Paradise] are not the same. The people of Janna are those who are triumphant.

21. If We had sent the Qur’an down to a mountain, you would have seen the mountain humbled and torn apart due to its awe and respect of Allah. We give such similitudes to human beings so that they may reflect and contemplate.

22. He is Allah; there is no one else that can stand as ilah [higher power] except Him. He knows the hidden and the visible. He is Al Rahman, Al Rahim.

23. He is Allah; there is no one else that can stand as ilah except Him. He is Al Malik [The King], Al Quddus [The Holy One], Al Salaam [The Place and Source of Peace], Al Mu’min [The Source of Certainty], Al Muhaymin [The Protector], Al Aziz [The Ultimate Authority], Al Jabbar [The Compeller], Al Mutakabbir [The Possessor of Greatness]. Subhan Allah [May Allah be exalted]! He is far beyond all partners attributed to Him.

24. He is Allah, Al Khaliq [The Creator], Al Bari [The Shaper], Al Musawwir [The Detailer]. All the Asma-ul Husna [Most Beautiful Names] belong to Him and everything in the heavens and earth does tasbih of Him. And He is Al Aziz, Al Hakim [The Wise One].

See transliteration of 59:22 – 24 below…

Names of Allah

Al Aziz: The One Mighty with Benevolence; The Revered One; The Ultimate Authority; The Most Valued One; The Most Precious One

Al Bari: The Shaper

Al Hakim: The Wise One

Al Jabbar: The Compeller

Al Khaliq: The Creator

Al Malik: The Ruler; The King; The Owner of the Dominion

Al Muhaymin: The Protector; The Guardian; The Giver of Security

Al Mu’min: The One Who is Sure of Himself; The Self-Reliant One; The Source of Certainty and Conviction; The Believer; The Accepter of Truth

Al Musawwir: The Detailer

Al Mutakabbir: The Possessor of Greatness

Al Quddus: The Holy One; The Sacred One

Al Rahim: The Source of Mercy

Al Rahman: The One Who Acts with Mercy; The Beneficent

Al Salaam: The Place and Source of Peace


Asma-ul Husna: The Most Beautiful Names (of Allah)

ghayb: hidden; that which Allah has not yet created or revealed to us

ilah: higher power; god

Janna: (The) Garden; Paradise

Subhan Allah: “Exalted is Allah” (free from all defects)

taqwa: self-vigilance; following the guidelines of Allah; watching over one’s deeds to conform with Allah’s rights and wrongs; devotion

tasbih: glorification; chanting in glorification; repeating the names of Allah with the help of prayer beads; prayer beads; rosary; continuous glorification through repetition of Allah’s names

zikr: remembrance; mentioning Allah’s name repeatedly with certain intention and contemplation; glorification or supplication; reminder

Translation by Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari


Transliteration of 59:22 – 24

22. Hu Allah hullazi la ilaha illa hu

‘Aalimul ghaybi wash-shahaadahu


23. Hu Allah hullazi la ilaha illa hu

Al Malik-ul Quddus-us Salaam-ul Mu’min-ul Muhaymin-ul Aziz-ul Jabbar-ul Mutakabbir

Subhan Allahi amma yushrikun

24. Hu Allah-ul Khaliq-ul Bari-ul Musawwiru lahul Asma-ul Husna

Yu-sabbihu lahu ma fis-samawati wal ard

Wa Hu wal Aziz-ul Hakim

It is recommended to memorize these 3 verses of the Qur’an-i Karim. 

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