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I explained Aqam al Salat. Some translate it as worship. We translate it as prayer, especially prayer of your heart. Prayer of your heart is very important. Establish the prayer when you’re eating. Establish the prayer when you’re sleeping. Establish the prayer whatever you’re doing.
Establish the formal prayer, which we call Namaz. Allah said this to all the nations. Establish the prayer does not just mean you have to establish Namaz, which means going up and down. Establish the prayer means all of that, and especially Zikr. Some people say Sufism is Bid’ah. First of all, Sufism is not Bid’ah. Second, our Prophet (pbuh) himself established Zikr for everybody. Zikr of Sufism is special to those people who want Allah’s Zat. Zikr of Sufism is designed to clean your nafs. This is what the Prophet (pbuh) established. After each prayer, you say Subhanallah 33 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times, and Allahu Akbar 33 times. Allah said: “When you are talking about the Quran, you start with Bismillah er Rahman er Rahim”. Then He added, “Euzu billahi minesh shaytan irrajim, Bismillah er Rahman er Rahim !


What I am trying to do is to bring you to the consciousness of your actions and your acceptance and the belief so that you do not do actions blindly. You have to be conscious of what you are doing and acknowledge the importance of being conscious of what you are doing. Allah created us as Allah’s Khalifas against shaytan’s objections, against the objections of the angels. So we owe Allah a lot. Allah chose us. And in return, we should choose Allah. That is why we say, “Bismillah er Rahman er Rahim. Euzu billahi minesh shaytan irrajim”, which means “I take refuge in Allah from the outcast/stoned shaytan, and in the Name of Allah, the Owner of Compassion and Who Acts with Compassion and Mercy.” What does this mean? It means that whatever you are doing will be in the Name of Allah. So that is a reminder to you that you are connected, you are representing Allah, and not to do anything that Allah is not pleased with. I also suggest you start each morning when you wake up by saying this: Euzu billahi minesh shaytan irrajim, Bismillah er Rahman er Rahim !

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When you are watching, when you are a watcher, you identify the sign or the answer or the direction. That’s the biggest thing- identification. “Is this a message from ALLAH?” Confusion and doubt can come in. “Is this from my nafs or is this from Allah?” Did you know it two minutes before? How do you know it now? If your nafs knew this, it would have told you a long time ago.

Your nafs is selfish. Your nafs only wants to be the boss, he wants to be powerful, he wants to be respected, but not to give respect. He wants people to be generous to him, but he doesn’t want to be generous to anybody. He is selfish, egotistical, self-indulgent- all these things. He wants to dominate. All this is nafs. When you are not sharing, this is all from nafs. All good things come from Allah. You have to distinguish the good from the bad.

First you have to know what’s good and what’s bad, then you’ll know if it’s your nafs or its Allah. That’s why there are rules of right and wrong. If there’s something you want that’s against the rules of Allah, then it’s your nafs. It is hard to accept this. You can go around it, rationalize it all you want, still it’s your nafs. But is all your nafs bad? I’m not saying it is. Allah wants you to take care of your nafs too, but within these limits. Your nafs is in your body. You want to eat. Yes, you have to eat, but not too much because it’s not good for your body.

That’s why there are the correct criteria of right and wrong, so that you can stay in the path on good terms with Allah. That’s how you know you are on good terms, by these rules and regulations. Although we oppose them a lot, still we need these rules and regulations.

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Think about how many levels Allah is living His life. How many dimensions, how many levels, how many ways, how many manners! Do more thinking about these things. Start with the ones that are very apparent. Everyone has life, so think about life first. That’s the main thing, how does He live?

Manifest life the way Allah lives. Think about consciousness. Is all life conscious or do you first find consciousness in a brain? What is happening? Think about the dimensions. How many dimensions are there? How many ways are there? I am trying to encourage you get used to thinking in this way.

Very rarely does Allah make me repeat the same thing. He has been making me talk for 10 years or more now. It’s the same subject, but there are so many angles you can look at the same thing from. For example, take a sphere: how many circles can you put around a sphere? There are 360 degrees one way, 360 degrees every other way. There are so many different angles to look at it from.

That’s why you can sit here and talk about the same subject until you die and not say the same words. What does Allah say in the Quran? “If the oceans were ink and all the forests were pens, Allah’s words would not be finished.” He counted His blessings and He could not count them all.

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Whats happening in the World !

Dear All, it is impossible to be quiet after seeing whats happening in the World, especially with those so called muslims, the root of the problem is ignorance. The whole problem comes from not knowing Allah and what He likes and what He doesn’t like. Although He wrote what He wants, in several holy books and told us through the messages of hundred twenty- four thousand messengers. How can you even think of killing the children is pleasing to Allah. How can you think that violence represents the peace(which islam stands for)? Most of the Muslims read Quran in Arabic but do not understand. Allah says in Qurani Kerim, “I do not abuse my creation. He says, Oh Muhammed (peace be upon him), if they make peace, make peace.” if you want to represent Islam, then you have to be an element of peace, love, togetherness, kindness, mercy and knowledge. Ignorant will not be in the paradise.

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Allah says, “Don’t pay attention to those people to whom I have given the world. Their rewards are temporary because nothing in this world is lasting.” So, if you ask why it is that the believers are not receiving wealth, power, and other things of this world, it is because Allah is not concerned with giving his believers all of the money and such things. He will distribute his money and things to whomever he wants but it will not automatically go to the believers.

Allah provides for the believers in two major ways. One is that Allah wants to give you more enduring gifts that are impossible to have in this world because this is a temporary reality and the blessings are for the hereafter, which lasts forever. Allah gives you a connection to Him, which lasts forever.

Secondly, Allah gives believers what is best for them and for a purpose.
It could be money, wisdom, knowledge or something else, but you have to use the power that Allah gives you to fulfill the purpose that he has intended.

When Allah gives you a gift, you become responsible for the gift.
Everything that Allah gives us is a trust, because we own nothing. Allah owns the knowledge, Allah owns the job, Allah owns the kids, the husband, the wife—Allah owns everything. We are just trustees who use whatever Allah provides in order to fulfill Allah’s purpose. He is not obligated to give us anything at all. You must be careful to make sure that having things or not having things do not become a distraction. This should not take us away from the target.

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Allah created this entire universe, for love. He wanted to be seen, He wanted to be admired, and He wanted to be loved without force, without compulsion. Allah says in Quran-i-Kerim that there is no compulsion in religion. We cannot compel these things. If He wanted, everybody would believe, but He wants these things to be done voluntarily, on our own. We have to come to the recognition of this and admire God and love God and profess this.

After that comes the neighborhood. Are you a good neighbor to your neighbors? Do you check them to see if they have food? Are they suffering? Do they need your help? Of course, in the United States it is a little difficult to do this. At least make sure they are not complaining about you. If they are not complaining about you, then you are a good neighbor. You are doing ok.

After you are good to your neighbors and you don’t abuse their rights,then your duty is to your town, then to your nation, then to the whole world and to the human race.

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