Ya Salaam: Peace, Salvation

Allah created us to know Him through knowing his kingdom. When we do actions it triggers some of the powers of Allah in the universe. Without understanding this, we cannot know what we are getting in to and what kind of Allah’s powers we are attracting. Allah has three kinds of power— jamal (His attributes of Beauty), jalal (His attributes of Power), and the neutral power of justice and Allah gives us what we want. If we want peace, Allah will give us peace. But why don’t we want peace? We do not want peace because it is not as exciting as not having peace. It is more exciting to get a gun and blow someone into pieces. This is more exciting than a family sitting at the dinner table eating their food peacefully.

We have to understand that we need peace because peace has life in it. There is no life in war—there is only death in war. If you want to live, and you want children to live happily, we need peace. There is also happiness, joy, pleasure, economic freedom and economic prosperity in peace. And best of all there is love in peace. If you want these qualities then we have to provide peace not only for ourselves but for future generations. In this way, the future generations can also grow up to know Allah and learn Allah’s attributes through research in the labs, through observation and through reading so that they can develop some kind of relationship with Allah which will bring them true happiness and love. People who have lived through war wish they never lived this, but I do not hear anybody complaining about peace. People who live peace never say, “I wish I never had peace.” So peace is what we should want at all times.

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Surrender exists in many dimensions. You surrender to Allah’s will, you surrender to Allah’s form, you surrender to Allah’s potential, you surrender to Allah’s kinetic energy. Understand. The first thing you need to understand is Allah’s purpose and surrender to that. Understand Allah’s intention and surrender to that. What does Allah want? Know and understand that.

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Allah wants loveLove is not compelled. There is no compulsion in love. You love or you do not love. You cannot force yourself to love. If you love, you love; if you do not love, you do not. You surrender to that. But Allah wants to be loved. Make your goal to love Allah. Surrender to that. The biggest action is love. The biggest being is love. The shortest distance to Allah is love. The biggest asset that burns all incompleteness is love. That is why our Pir Ahmed er Rifai said, “Love is fire, love is fire, love is fire.”


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The purpose of our creation

I created the jinn [hidden beings] and human beings only that they may connect and devote themselves to Me. (Qur’an 51:56)
Translation by Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari

Allah created this entire universe, for love. He wanted to be seen, He wanted to be admired, and He wanted to be loved without force, without compulsion. Allah says in Qur’an-i-Karim that there is no compulsion in din [way of life] (2:256). If He wanted, everybody would believe, but He wants these things to be done voluntarily, on our own. We have to come to the recognition of this and admire God and love God and profess this.

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Peace brings loveLove in the world is incomplete because we only teach people to love others who are like themselves. We do not teach ourselves and our children to love people who are different from us. But Allah says that we are one community that He divided so that we can learn from each other and know Him through each other.

If we were all the same, why would Allah make two of us? – One alone would be enough on earth. Allah made us with differences because He lives in each of us differently so that we can learn different aspects of Allah from each other. We can also recognize each other because of our differences. If we were all the same, we would not notice anything about each other and we would just give each other numbers instead of names.

I am glad that we have differences. To dislike differences is acting in ignorance. If we did not have differences in shades and lines and colors, artists could not create pictures. Having differences does not mean that a certain group is the enemy. Only we create enemies. If we want, we can also create friends but this needs to be done all together with the understanding that we can create friends from people who are different than us.

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What Are You?

Insha Allah, I am going to talk about something important that all of us have to do. My job is to show you an understanding of it; it is you who is going to do it. All our life, our fight is for this land. What is this land? This body here. Who is going to be in this body? That is your call. Do you want Allah or you to be in this body? This is the fight – you, your nafs and Allah, which one? And which one is you?

First of all, you need to determine what is you? To come to that point you need a lot of education, training, agony, and letting go of the nafs and attachments. What is nafs? Nafs is all attachments and focuses on other than Allah. When you identify with your nafs and say it is you, then you have problems. But when you identify with your Creator, there is no problem except letting go of the nafs.

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We are on this earth to earn nearness to Allah so that we will not get kicked out of His presence, but be there forever.  How one reaches this nearness is as Allah says in Qur’an-i-Karim: Only those who do good actions draw near, not your race, not your face, but your good actions can bring you closer to Allah. So this points out to us that we have to act. Everything is in the action.
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