Special Rabi ul Awwal Series (Part 2 of 4)


For human beings to access, to progress to His nearness, they have to have free will. They have to be doing things willingly. For love, you need free will. Now, but your free will will affect the free will of the others. So whatever you do is affecting the whole universe. So Allah has to monitor that too. And when you ask of Allah something, He has to take all these things and still choose what is best for you and give you that, according to the rules and regulations and free will. They say, “How come Allah did not stop Hitler?” Well there is a free will that is going, there are rules and regulations, etc. If Allah stopped everybody doing bad or good or whatever they are doing from doing, there will be no free will. There will be no tests. This game cannot be played.

So a lot of things that we blame on Allah is actually of our own doing to each other. Allah does not want us to fight with each other. Allah does not want us to kill each other, steal from each other. He says ten commandments. We do it to each other and then blame it on Allah, “How come Allah let it happen?” We are responsible to Allah, one-to-One, family to Allah, group to Allah, tariqa [path] to Allah, as a group, nation to Allah and human race to Allah. We are responsible. Certain things that you do are in the personal level. Certain things you do are in the social level, national level, racial level, etc. So Allah says in Qur’ani Karim,

“And also protect yourselves with taqwa [self-vigilance] against adversity as a result of fitna [dissension], which will fall not only on those who are zalimun [wrongdoers], but also on some among you (believers). And know that Allah is severe in retribution.” (Qur’an 8:25, translation by the author)

So why is the good also being punished? Because they did not want to stop the bad. They were part of a group and they did not do their job, etc. So when Allah is destroying, if Allah wants to destroy the world, all of them are not going to be sinners. There will be also non-sinners, but they will also be destroyed because the decree is total destruction of the being.

If you can, you have to correct the wrong three ways. If you can, do it with your hand personally, if you have the authority. If you don’t, raise your voice, with your talking, saying. If you cannot do any of that, then try to change the wrong with your heart by praying.

As Sufis, we do not judge people; we help them. When we see something wrong, some mistake, we try to correct it with our mouths by praying and with our hearts by zikr [repeated remembrance with contemplation]. We only give our opinion when asked. If it is within our power to correct the wrong physically, we do not do this on our own; we do it with Allah.

How to live in this world with Allah and How does Allah work

Special Rabi ul Awwal Series (Part 1 of 4)

How to live in this world with Allah

Now, what do we need to do? First, we need to intend to focus on Allah. We need to do some work and then there is a lot of things involved in this work, a lot of features and a lot of dimensions. Why do we need to work? The answer is so Allah will know who is sincere and who is not. He is not going to give access to His nearness [qaraba] so easily. People have to work for it. He did that before and people did not appreciate it. This time around, He wants to make sure only the deserving, the most deserving can get there. As the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was created as prophet, he still had to go through his thing to deserve the position. So if you think you went through enough, compare yourself to the Prophet what he went through. If you think you have financial difficulties, would you like to exchange places with the prophet or his sahaba [companions] of that time or anyone? They were hungry for days. They used to tie a stone on their stomach, to press on it so they would not feel the hunger.

How does Allah work

Now, how does Allah work? In order to be able to be with Allah, you have to know how He works and it is not easy to understand Allah. But I will try to explain it to you as simple as I can. Try to understand. Now first of all, Allah has the qadr. Qadr means the measures, in other words, formulas for everything. He created the universe and whoever is in it according to certain formula. So qadr does not mean destiny, it means measures, formulas. In one hand, these formulas are set forth. For example, if you take two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, it becomes water if you put some energy to it. This will always happen like that each time you do it, it is going to happen. If you drop a pen from high, the gravity will work each time you drop it, it is going to fall. It is not going to change. And as Allah, He has to monitor the relationships in between all these formulas and the object and the beings that have all these formulas. He has to monitor all that. And then comes the human being. There is the culprit, the human being. Human beings can be as high as they can be in the presence of Allah or lowest of the low, lower than any lowest animal. If you go up to your nafs, no animal is lower than you, hyenas, wolves, this that. But if you surrender and love Allah, nobody can be higher than you.