26 March 2024

The Apparent One

Is Allah Apparent The point is that we seem to forget the “Allah Factor” in our worldly affairs. We have […]
28 February 2024
ayat about history lesson

History Lessons from Allah

History Lesson 1: When our power is the biggest, that is the time that Allah creates the conditions that destroys […]
29 January 2024

Namaz, Contemplation of Prayer

namaz: formal Islamic worship that is observed five times daily; also known as salat salat: prayer; formal Islamic worship that […]
2 January 2024
Who Is


From the previous article As Sufis, we must be mindful that it is always Allah Who does everything. Yet, Allah […]
29 November 2023
Power is Allah

Power Light

Nur, Light is Power In the Qur’an-i-Karim it is written that, Allah is the Nur [Light; Energy] of the universes […]
30 October 2023
Get out of the way

Get Out Of The Way

Get out of the way. What do we say? What is the thing to do? Get out of the way. […]
26 September 2023

Nafs, Its origin

Origin of nafs Murid: Ya Shaykh, if everything is from Allah, where is nafs from and where in history did […]
27 August 2023

Are you with the created or The Creator?

Are they attributing as partners to Allah that which cannot create anything and are themselves created? (Al A’raf:191) Station One, […]
31 July 2023
three stations

The Three Stations

There are three stations. This is for those who can do this. You have to be with Allah and let […]
28 June 2023
do good

Do Good

On the other hand, as for those who believe and do good deeds, We do not burden anyone more than […]