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29 November 2023
"Nothing works more for you in this world than your connection to Allah" - Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari
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25 January 2024
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Al Mutakabbir [The Possessor of Greatness]. Subhan Allah [Exalted is Allah]! (Al Hashr:23) Translated by Es-Seyyid Es-Shaykh Taner Vargonen el Ansari

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As Sufis, we must be mindful that it is always Allah Who does everything. Yet, Allah is the one essential element in every action that most people overlook. When we overlook the presence of Allah in every action, we begin to think that all the power belongs to us.

Even in the organization and operation of businesses and governments, we need to recognize the “Allah Factor.” When we understand that Allah overrides all other powers, we can act accordingly.

Who is to be Blamed: Allah or nafs?

When things go wrong, such as a personal catastrophe, a war, or an attack, people ask, “Why did Allah let this happen?”

Allah wants to show Himself to humanity. Allah wants to teach us. Our job is to learn. If Allah had set up the rules of the world so that people could never do anything wrong, then we would never learn how to be responsible for our own actions.

If Allah were to seize, judge and castigate human beings immediately when they did something wrong, He would not leave anything crawling on earth, but He reprieves them for an appointed term, and when their time comes, no one can delay it or hasten it. (Al Nahl:61)

It is important to pull away from these situations and to look at the larger picture. In the greater picture, Allah is apparent in all things.

So pull away from them (O Muhammad), because you are in no way to be blamed for them. And continue to remind them, for surely, the Zikr [Qur’an; Reminder] benefits the mu’minin [believers]. (Al Dhariyat:54-55)

Who is Al Hasib, The One Who Keeps Measures of All Things!

What would we see if we examined the world of human affairs in the same way that we analyze a company before buying stocks or bonds? We would want to look to the past performance record of humanity. We would study the whole history of humanity from the beginning or even before the beginning. We would want to know where the growth occurred and what caused the failures.


If we follow this approach, we will see that whenever a human being said, “I am the greatest,” he was soon brought down by Allah. Whoever says, “I have the power; I am the strongest,” then Allah says that He will show you the truth. When our power is the biggest, that is the time that Allah creates the conditions that destroys that power. Have you noticed this?

Qur’an References

And when the matter has been decided, Satan will say, “…I had no power over you. All I could do was to invite you with suggestions, and you responded. So do not blame me, but blame your nafs [ego; selves].” (Ibrahim:22)

(Yusuf) said, “I am not going to put blame on you (or bring up the past) today. May Allah absolve you. There is no doubt that He is The Source of Mercy and Kindness for those who show mercy and kindness. (Yusuf:92)

And surely, whoever is patient, perseveres and forgives — this is an admirable, great state of mind. (Al Shura:43)

I created the jinn [hidden beings] and human beings only that they may connect and devote themselves to Me (and learn Me). (Al Dhariyat:56)

He is Al Awwal [The Former] and Al Akhir [The Latter] and Al Zahir [The Outer] and Al Batin [The Inner], and He knows everything. (Al Hadid:3)

He is Allah; there is no one who can stand as ilah [higher power] except Him. He is Al Malik [The King]; Al Quddus [The Holy One]; Al Salaam [The Place and Source of Peace]; Al Mu’min [The Source of Certainty]; Al Muhaymin [The Protector]; Al Aziz [The One Mighty with Benevolence; The Revered and Most Precious One]; Al Jabbar [The Compeller; The Magnetic Force]; Al Mutakabbir [The Possessor of Greatness]. Subhan Allah [Exalted is Allah]! He is far beyond all partners attributed to Him. (Al Hashr:23)

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This is a continuation of the edited excerpt of the newsletter, Call of the Divine, Vol.8 No.3 (April 2002). Both the article and the translation of the Qur’an verses are from Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari. Published here on January 2, 2024.

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