Commentary on Seven Advices from Rumi by Shaykha Muzeyyen

19 August 2010
2. In Compassion and Mercy be like the Sun
21 August 2010

I will write a seven paragraph commentary for the advice that Rumi has given us. As usual Rumi gives much food for thought. Here is the first one. Please tell me what being generous like rivers mean to you as well.

  1. In generosity and helping others be like the Rivers: We all have different feelings attached to rivers, for me they are the carriers of life line for the people and plants and animals. I see them as the life giving veins of the Earth. When Rumi gives this advice, it tells me how the rivers water the fields for farmers and grows our food so generously, asking nothing in return. This is a good philosophy when helping others, be there and be available and help for Allah’s sake, without expecting any return from the person. It often happens that the person whom you have helped much is not the person who is there in your hour of need, but who is there might be somebody else. This is the lesson that we need to learn, we will get the help from Allah when we need, our needs will be met by whomever Allah has assigned, not by a particular person we have expectations from. Therefore, giving and helping like the rivers sounds like a good idea to me.


  1. Rowena Khadija Franker says:

    Slm Shaykha Muzeyyen sound advice and good reminder in your commentary ,the river does not discriminate it’s is just of service
    Barakallahu feek for sharing

  2. Caroline in London says:

    Salam Shaykha…as well as the above..rivers remind me of life…life keeps moving on no matter what and we cannot stop it…and all rivers lead to the ocean and back again to the sky and river in the cycle..just like life..xx Hu

  3. Mir says:

    River flows with freshness and giving life. It doesn’t care how hard the terrain is. It cleans the bottom from stagnation, sometimes comes so strong that it also destroys that need to be rejuvenated. whichever way the River expresses, it surrenders to the flow without any judgement and keeps doing what a river is suppose to do, its Zat, to be loving and kind but unpredictable:-).

  4. Dianne says:

    Thank you dear Anne. I particularly like how you called rivers ‘the life giving veins of the earth’. This is a beautiful image of how generously the rivers flow. As you said, in giving to other’s we do it for the sake of Allah, just as the river. Inshallah we can heed the river’s example and give generously without restrictions, going with the flow—so to speak.

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