Course Outcomes

The Beginner’s Course to Ansari Holistic Healing is designed to give you a broad understanding of the different healing modalities available to you to support and promote your family’s health and well-being. Healing covers every aspect of life, from your spiritual/metaphysical, emotional and mental health to your physical welfare. The body is already in balance. When you are off balance, you are sick. The whole point of healing is to bring the body back into balance. The Ansari Holistic Healing course offers you the opportunity to an in-depth understanding of your body, how it works and the tools you can use to maintain the balance of spiritual/metaphysical, emotional, mental and physical conditions.

  • Displays an understanding of basic concepts and knowledge of the general terminology, cell structure and function, gross anatomy, and physiology related to the circulatory, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, reproductive, digestive, lymphatic, skeletal, muscular and nervous systems.
  • Identifies and describes the signs and underlying causes of dis-ease
  • Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of the theory, application, and expected results of various healing modalities
  • Displays comprehensive knowledge of the theory, application, and expected results of Sufi Healing

Purpose of the Course

To bring people to an awareness of alternative ways of helping the human being to heal themselves at all levels:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual/Metaphysical

How to Access the Course

◻ Sign up requires a computer
◻ Go to
◻ Scroll down to “Join Now”
◻ Fill in sign up details
◻ Congratulations you are now a student!