8 March 2021

Maqam of Love

All power belongs to Allah so may Allah be praised as He deserves. More about the relationship with Allah… Maqam […]
22 February 2021

Closeness to Allah

All power belongs to Allah, so may Allah be praised as He deserves. Qarabah, Closeness to Allah Now, if you […]
8 February 2021

Are you desperate? Allah is Good, Allah is Great!

When you are in a desperate situation, when Allah squeezes you, when your kids are no good and the world […]
24 January 2021

The Mechanism of Intention

Where does intention come from? Intention comes from your brain. That is why you have this logic, which can differentiate […]
11 January 2021

Being Happy with Allah

How to be happy with Allah I am happy that Allah is with me and paying attention to what I […]
28 December 2020

Enjoying Allah

Enjoying the moment Allah said to Hazret Ibrahim, alayhi salaam [peace be upon him], “Enjoy Allah.” Do not get me […]
14 December 2020

Experiencing Allah

Experiencing Allah with our senses Once you establish this (Refer to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the […]
30 November 2020

Allah’s Adjectives and Actions

Sifat and Af’al Allah is trying to share His existence and His powers and His adjectives. Sifat means adjectives or […]
2 November 2020
Power Assumption

Allah’s Power and Positive Assumption

Qudrat: Allah’s Power How can we be with Allah when we are doing our work? When we are buying and […]
2 November 2020
Concept of God

The Concept of God

The Concept of God Our job as Ansari Tariqa is mainly two things. One, to make sure that everybody understands […]