Allah’s Justice and Human Justice

22 March 2021
Al Ikhlas
12 April 2021

O you who believe, be firm and upright for Allah and bear witness with justice, and do not let the hatred of any community divert you from justice. Act with justice, as this is nearer to taqwa [self-vigilance]. Have taqwa, as Allah has prescribed. Know that Allah is aware of what you do. (Al Ma’ida:8)

What does Allah want to teach us today? If we have learned the ones that He told us before, then He can give us something new. Otherwise we keep repeating the same thing again and again and again.

Al Hakam, The Judge

One of the things that we have to keep telling ourselves and trying to get better is communication. What we do is we get into a judgment with the data that we have. First of all, Allah did not create us so that we can judge others or Allah. I even did that, I judged Allah too. When I was translating the Qur’an, when Allah said, “Allah is Just” and this and that, I said, “Let me see, I have three court cases that need justice. And we know who is right and who is wrong. Let us see.” And we are still working on those cases.

There, I learned there is Allah’s Justice and there is human justice. We should not confuse them.

Prayers for Adalet, Justice

But you can, with prayers, you can try to get human justice by Allah’s help. And we are trying to bring all those ayats out for you where you can do, recite these ayats and the zikr and you can ask Allah’s help to get justice.

For justice and to get proper witnesses in court
Inil hukmu illa lillahi, yaqussul haqqa wa huwa khayrul faasilin

The decision is for Allah alone. He tells the truth, and He is the Incomparable Decider. (Al An’am:57)

For Allah’s justice
Recite 77 times:
Ya Sari’ul ‘Iqaab [O The One Who is Swift in following up (with consequences, punishment)]

“It is He Who placed you on earth as His khalifas [representatives; deputies], and raised some of you in levels above others, in order that He may test you with what He has given you. Your Rab [Lord] is swift in taking into account, and there is no doubt that He is Ghafur and Rahim.” (Al An’am:165)

To seek Allah’s help from those who hurt you, especially from any injustices
Innallaha Sari’ul Hisaab

Know that Allah is swift in reckoning. (Al Ma’ida:4)

This is an edited excerpt of the Online Saturday Sohbet given on May 4, 2013 by Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari and published on on April 5, 2021. The recommended prayers and translation of the Qur’an verses are also from Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari.

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