19 October 2020

Seeing The Essence in Everything – Part 2 of 2

General advice: How to have a good relationship with your family and with others You need to see the essence […]
5 October 2020

Oneness and Multiplicity – Part 1 of 2

Zat: Essence We are all incomplete. Allah is the only One Who is complete. We all need learning to do. […]
21 September 2020

The Role Of A Sufi

Being a Sufi Being a Sufi has its privileges and duties. We are purifying ourselves and our din [way of […]
7 September 2020

Importance of Learning

How to learn We need to keep on learning and increase our knowledge, but more importantly, increase our understanding about […]
24 August 2020


Balance People always ask, “What do you want me to do? What am I going to do? What shall I […]
10 August 2020

The Need For Understanding The Qur’an

The Purpose of the Qur’an Allah sent the Qur’an so that we can understand it and apply it in our […]
27 July 2020

Who is The Authority (Part 4 of 4)

Are all Hadiths Sahih? This is the Scripture that We have revealed to you. It is full of blessings so […]
13 July 2020
The Murshid

The Role of the Murshid in Tariqa (Part 3)

What is Sufism? Sufism is the way to get closer to Allah through love by purifying yourself, by purification. So, […]
29 June 2020

Murshid (Part 2)

What does a Murshid do? Murshid comes from Allah’s Name Rashid, which is Mature Teacher. Irshad means Enlightener/Enlightened. Rashid is […]
15 June 2020
Allah System

The Spiritual System (Part 1)

Allah’s Administration System Allah Allah is the Nur [Light; Energy] of the heavens and the earth. (Al Nur:35) I would […]