14 January 2019


Allah created everything for a purpose, and each individual thing manifests its purpose. For example, an apple tree’s purpose is […]
7 January 2019

Seeing The Manifestor in the manifested

Your attachment has to be The Manifestor. Do not be attached to the manifested. Because Allah wants to show you […]
31 December 2018


A team is people getting together and doing something with Allah so they can learn Allah and have a better […]
24 December 2018


Allah the Most High says, “Start everything with A’uzubillahi minash-shaytanir rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [I seek refuge in Allah from […]
17 December 2018

Importance of knowing the meaning of prayers

Advice from Murshid Shaykh Taner and Shaykha Muzeyyen Vargonen Ansari If you do not know the meaning of what you […]
10 December 2018

Our Role in the World as Human Beings and as Sufis

Allah gave to earth a Prophet as a leader from His Peace, Love, Compassion and Positivity. Prophets, actually. [All Prophets […]
3 December 2018


Special Rabi ul Awwal Series (Part 4 of 4) CONNECTION Allah’s zat [essence] is in your heart. So how come […]
26 November 2018


Special Rabi ul Awwal Series (Part 3 of 4) ADAPTATION Our job is to adapt to the situation that is […]
19 November 2018


Special Rabi ul Awwal Series (Part 2 of 4) FREE WILL For human beings to access, to progress to His […]
12 November 2018

How to live in this world with Allah and How does Allah work

Special Rabi ul Awwal Series (Part 1 of 4) How to live in this world with Allah Now, what do […]