3. In incompleteness of others be like the Night

Peace be upon you. We all need that these days, and the word Salam means peace. Muslims are supposed to greet each other with this wonderful  phrase “peace be upon you.” Yet when we greet each other, are we really wishing that person a peaceful day or are we thinking negative thoughts in our heads and making a list of their incompleteness? What does Rumi say?

3. In incompleteness of others be like the Night: The black night covers everything. It does not reveal by nature. So Rumi would like us to cover other people’s faults and not open them to others.
Shaykh Taner and I were discussing this very subject today. What do you do when you find yourself seeing very apparent faults of others? (Somehow these apparent faults

are never ours ☺). When one sees a character fault he was saying, one should pray for them. I agree with him (not only because we are married) about this. When you see a problem, instead of going over there and giving them a piece of your mind,try to turn to Allah and pray for them to have guidance, “Ya Hadi” and understanding, “Ya Alim.”Not only will you feel better because you have turned negativity into positivity in your life but also you have appealed to the only power in the universe that can actually make a change and that is Allah, not you. Remember and cover other people’s incompleteness, so that Allah will cover yours one day.

2. In Compassion and Mercy be like the Sun

Salams, peace be upon you all, here is the second advice and how it resonates with me. Observing nature is another way a Sufi learns about Allah and meaning of creation.

2. In compassion and mercy be like the Sun: The two questions advice number 2 makes me ask are: How does the Sun give compassion and mercy and how does the Sun give? Yes, we get sunlight which we bodily need and yes, it helps us grow our food. And yes, this could be considered compassion and mercy of Allah on us. The second question, I suspect is more along the lines of what Rumi is telling us. How does the Sun give? Without discrimination is the first answer that comes to mind. Without discrimination, regardless of whether we are from the same neighborhood or ethnic background or from the same race or religion. We all get this blessing freely given and without conditions. And it nourishes our soul as well as our body. So when we are giving something, whether it is our time or money or attention, following Rumi’s advice we should give from our heart joyously in our capacity.